Afk9 Certifications

A-Temperament testing
B-K9 evaluation
C-K9 team Certification valid two years.
D-Re-certification after two years.
E-K9 team Validation
We pride our selves in working with the best in this industry our trainers are professionals graduates with years of experience in the k9 and security industry. Most certified under US-AR 190-12 .They have worked in many countries around the world, Our trainers have worked independently with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) US-ARMY ( United States Army) ISAF ( International Security Assistance Forces) UN (United Nations) Our personnels have worked in most conflict zones in Middle East Iraq, Kuwait,Afghanistan ,Dubai,Quarter, Bahrain Africa,Somalia and southern Sudan.

We train handlers to handle dogs in real world of detection threat needs depending on what our trainers have witnessed in field while working with international forces to handle detection threats associated with explosives and drug cartels. WORKING IN WAR CONFLICT ZONES and GREEN ZONES requires personnels to be certified and re-certified every after two years. At AFK9 we prepare the most world standard security personnels for your security and canine projects